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The Missing Piece for Families

Family wealth is a central priority for many, but estate planning is often a missing piece for families. This results in a gap when it comes to wealth strategy, and closing that gap requires open conversation with all the family members and professionals who will be involved in the transfer of wealth.


We provide a specialized process focused around the preservation of wealth for the rising generation, defining family estate intentions and facilitating the transition of assets from one generation to the next.

We help families by:

  • Designing a comprehensive estate and wealth transfer plan around the needs of your family
  • Implementing wealth preservation strategies to help mitigate tax, manage risk and optimize cash flow
  • Identifying tax efficiency strategies such as family trusts
  • Coordinating with your legal and tax professionals to follow through on your strategies
  • Disciplined approach to portfolio design and diversification to help protect your wealth
  • Insurance strategies to ensure your family is covered in the event of a sudden change in health

Specialized Strategies for Corporate Executives

Corporate executives are unique in that, with equity compensation and the various components of a corporate benefits package, there are all kinds of added intricacies that come into play when planning for retirement or any other goal.


Our process helps demystify your compensation package and maximize your assets for the long term – to help preserve your lifestyle through sustainable retirement cash flow.

Our services for corporate executives include:

  • Solving the problem of concentrated equity and unnecessary risk
  • Bringing clarity to your entire corporate benefits package
  • Optimizing your income and savings for retirement
  • Creating predictable cash flow
  • Offsetting risk through insurance strategy and 10b5-1 plans
  • Minimizing tax impact of your income and equity compensation

“In our experience, the most valuable way for entrepreneurs or executives to spend their time is to focus on their own professional development – we’re here to help provide the support necessary to maintain that focus. Our function is to be a wide-angle lens, diligently advocating on your family’s behalf for all things financial.”

Wyatt England
Senior Vice President, Senior Wealth Advisor
[Business Owners]

Business owners benefit from integrated advice.

Business owners often have an ever-evolving list of personal priorities that need to be managed both before and during retirement – on top of the varied financial questions that demand the expertise of specialists.


Through an efficient, practiced approach, we integrate a diverse range of financial strategies, and coordinate with your network of professionals in order to manage a clear, personalized plan for your wealth.

Our services for business owners include:

  • Defining a business succession plan and exit strategy, while helping to maximize personal wealth
  • Disciplined risk management strategies
  • Understanding how your assets will fund your retirement, and crafting a retirement income strategy
  • Identifying tax-efficiency opportunities while optimizing your cash flow

“It’s important to have guidance from someone who shares in your experience in some way. We work well with business owners because we are business owners.”

J. Patrick Poling, CFP®, CRPC®, CPFA
Managing Director, Senior Portfolio Manager